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Healthy Eating Tips for Senior Citizens

When we get older our bodies have different dietary demands. You can’t eat like your 30’s or even 40’s anymore and a lot of people know this but never change their eating habits. Eating healthy can be a challenge, but our bodies count on us to nourish them. Over the past decade food has also changed. With unknown additives and sugar alternatives, some seniors don’t know that these additives can be dangerous. Here are a few tips that not only work well for senior citizens but for a majority of people.

Eat Local Organic Produce.
A bonus to going out to your local farmers market allows you to meet new people and get a little exercise. The main thing is to buy locally grown, organic produce. Farmer markets are usually cheaper and better quality produce then big brick and mortar stores. Another thing about buying from the market is it allows you to ask questions about the produce that you couldn’t from a retailer.

Don’t have an aptitude?
If you are having issues eating, or don’t like certa…

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